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Closed-end funds


In its capacity as advisor, expert appraiser, auditor and depository, the CORDES +PARTNER Group is one of the leading public auditing firms in Germany. In addition to the provision of fund-related tax advisory and annual financial statement auditing services, from 1991 onwards we have provided services to more than 500 funds in connection with the audit of prospectuses, overall concepts and depository activities. We have also assumed responsibility for control of the allocation of funding for some 300 of these funds. Such services are provided to approximately 30 issuing houses and 5 asset management companies, including both small and newly formed companies as well as some of the leading houses in Germany.

Within the CORDES +PARTNER Group,  a team of 6 employees is constantly and exclusively involved in the performance of activities relating to prospectus audits, control of fund allocations, audits of investment performance records and depositories;  if required, further investment fund specialists deployed in the audit of financial statements can be used to supplement the team. Due to our very low staff fluctuation rate, the very specialized expertise that has been acquired by these employees over many years remains within our organization, so that we are able to ensure continuity as far as your personal contacts within our organization are concerned. In addition to this, our executive management team members - Christian Harms and Jan Bernhardt - have decades of respective experience in the investment funds sector.

Whereas our main activities in the earlier years were particularly concentrated on real estate and maritime funds, from the year 2000 onwards we expanded our areas of core competence to cover nearly all asset classes that are represented on the market, particularly those for aircraft, wind-power and solar energy facilities, private equity funds, railways, containers and shares in secondary markets.

The services that we provide for closed-end funds, or respectively for the related asset management companies and providers, vary depending on the related legislative basis:

CFH Cordes + Partner mbB
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